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  • Art of Writing a Speech


    Learn how to write speeches with this valuable resource that will make speech writing as easy as ABC. Having a clear picture of the requirements of the speech content is very important, as it ensures the speech is designed around this feature. Deviating from this would result in content that is not connective to the…

  • Empathetic Listening


    What is Empathic listening? Empathic listening is a way of listening and responding to another individual that improves mutual understanding and trust. It’s a crucial skill for all individuals, as it enables the listener to receive and precisely interpret the speaker’s message, then provide an appropriate reaction. Once we listen with the intent to comprehend…

  • Public Speaking for Beginners


    Speaking in front of people, large crowds in particular is usually perceived as the most stressful experience imaginable. The following ideas in this course are designed to help you, or anyone for that matter, convey your ideas and messages to either one person or a large group in just about any setting. Creating an effective…

  • Speaking Your Future With the Power of the Spoken Word


    Discover important information on speaking that will walk you step by step through the exact process we develop to help people get all the info they need to be a success The words that you speak are reflections of your beliefs and thoughts. Once you learn to change the manner of your thinking, you can…

  • Winning Over Difficult People in Your Life


    Some people will do anything to make your life miserable! Discover how to finally stop difficult people from ruining your life. In this report you will find some vital information that will change your life and bring you peace of mind and self respect. What You Will Find in this Book: How life’s pressures can…