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  • Canvas Painting 101


    With the information in this book you can learn to paint like the professionals. Understand their techniques. Learn how to use references. Determine what is a good subject matter for you to paint. Here is what you will learn inside this guide…. Understanding paints Choosing your brushes light sources in painting Choosing a subject Art…

  • In-line Skating Made Simple


    Learn how you can quickly and easily get to be a great skater. As with all activities, there are rules that usually govern the various aspects of it in order to ensure the experience is both enjoyable and safe. Failing to take note of these rules and regulations could result in injury, thus rendering the…

  • Motocross Superstar


    Learn how you can quickly and easily get your motocross skills under control: a biker’s guide to extreme motorsports. Having the appropriate gear for motocross riding will not only enhance the experience but will also ensure other factors such as safety and comfort, are also addressed. Setting up the bike would require some ready knowledge…

  • Quilting Revealed


    Learn all about Quilting from the history to the terminology used in quilting. Here is what you will learn inside this guide: What is the history of quilting…and does it even pertain to you? Quilting dates back a VERY long time, and many cultures have distinctly different ways and reasons for quilting. Inside, we’ll discuss…